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I found Summer! #autumnsun

A short break in Portugal in October, and the weather was unbelievable! Nothing like topping up the vitamin d, walks in the sunshine, dipping your feet in the sea, topping up the tan and getting your swimwear on...

Aqüe Apparel was founded in 2014 by Spanish entrepreneur Ana Quevedo. The brand strives to make women feel as comfortable, attractive and most importantly as fashionable as possible through the design, quality and originality of the swimwear.

I absolutely love these swimsuits - double layer fabric, great fit, open back design for maximum tanning and adjustable front zip. I opt for a one-piece quite often in my "older years", so I can quickly put on some shorts and head out for a walk or lunch - perfect versatile piece!

Available now at Holly days! x

Aqüe Apparel Ice Cream Swimsuit - £29.99

Aqüe Apparel Black Chocolate Swimsuit - £29.99

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